C·Power has developed the “RAY” series of floating, wave power systems for a variety of marine technology applications.

From energy generation for remote equipment to electric grid applications, C·Power has a number of technology solutions to match your generation needs. Our proprietary design efficiently converts energy from ocean waves to generate significantly more energy than competing technologies.

We have three product lines we are working on; all born from the unique skill set we’ve built over the last decade. These products are not dominated by a focus on levelized cost of energy (LCOE). Instead, they enable the future for our customers by attacking the cost of ownership and cost of operating their assets, while improving their service levels. Generally, these customers do not care about the cost of the next kilowatt, but they do care about enabling the future. This future includes innovations like subsea vehicle residency and electrification of marine equipment, moving away from carbon fuels. All our products revolve around replacing or supplementing a legacy energy source. We can enable that future and help them reduce costs, increase human and environmental safety, and lower emissions.

Our “RAY” product lines include:

  • DataRAY for marine sensor and sensor arrays (<1 kW)
  • SeaRAY for unmanned underwater vehicles (1-5 kW)
  • StingRAY for megawatt-scale needs (>500 kW)

For lower power applications, the DataRAY and SeaRAY offer fast payback through autonomous operation. These systems offer substantial reduction in the total cost of ownership by avoiding expensive and time-consuming labor and vessel time for recovery/recharge/redeploy cycles. Both products can carry their own payload, provide communications, and data storage functions, and be moored or free-floating.

Likewise, the StingRAY represents the state-of-the-art technology for megawatt-scale wave power systems.  It’s unique combination of a non-corrosive composite structure, simple direct-drive operation, as well as wide operating range promises to deliver a competitive cost of energy.



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