C-Power Delivers Superior Technology

C-Power’s proprietary systems efficiently convert energy from ocean waves to generate significantly more energy than competing technologies in a design built to survive the harshest ocean conditions. C-Power’s autonomous offshore power system (AOPS) product lines are easy to transport and deployable anywhere in the world for a wide range of applications.

Our technology allows our customers to deliver new, innovative solutions that redefine what’s possible in ocean operations, reduce costs, increase human and environmental safety, and lower emissions. Learn more about how C-Power technology delivers the solutions our customers need at sea.


For lower power needs

The SeaRAY™ AOPS provides purpose-built power, energy storage, and real-time communications support that will advance the ocean economy toward a future of autonomous, connected, and resident technologies. It is designed to support uncrewed offshore activities and equipment, including subsea vehicles, sensor packages, and operating equipment. When deployed, the SeaRAY significantly lowers costs and carbon emissions, reduces operational complexity, increases safety, and enables capabilities not possible today. The SeaRAY is transportable anywhere in the world and deployable with smaller, lightly crewed vessels. The system supports a wide range of applications serving customers in industries such as defense and security, offshore energy, aquaculture, and science and research.

Contact C-Power to find out if the SeaRAY™ is part of the right solution for your operations.


For higher power needs

The StingRAY™ will deliver cost-effective, utility-scale renewable energy. Applications include providing “village” power for isolated island or coastal communities that currently rely on diesel-powered generators or other costly forms of fossil fuel-powered generation, connecting to utility electric grids that seek to replace coal- and natural gas-fueled generation, and powering private minigrids for offshore business operations.   

Contact C-Power for more information on this system and how you can help us pilot the technology.

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