Partner With C-Power to Learn What Ocean Energy Can Do for You

C-Power’s Partner Engagement and Co-Development (PEC) Program offers organizations diverse opportunities at varying levels of resource commitment to bring ocean energy into their innovation roadmap.

Participating in the PEC Program gives your organization preferred access to field demonstrations of C-Power’s autonomous offshore power systems (AOPS) and opportunities to co-develop the next generation of offshore services that enable:

  • Lower capital and operating costs
  • Reduced operational complexity
  • Less shore dependency
  • Decreased carbon intensity
  • Increased environmental and human safety

Why Participate?

The PEC Program provides flexible entry points and tailored pathways to explore C-Power solutions as part of your roadmap.

Customers and partners connect with C-Power to learn how our ocean energy solutions provide reliable, remote power and data communications to solve some of the biggest problems and pain points facing offshore operations.

Identify and target applications for which C-Power’s ocean energy solutions can reduce cost, complexity, and carbon-intensity of customer and partner operations while enabling capabilities not possible today.

Put C-Power systems into action solving operational challenges. Customers and partners can gain practical insights on applications via a desktop study, integrating technology in a pre-funded pilot demonstration, or co-developing a next generation energy solution.

Move from pilot-scale demonstrations to commercial-scale deployment of ocean energy solutions that provide power and data communications anytime, anywhere, and for anything. Partners can package their systems with C-Power’s into a market ready, integrated solution.

How to Become a Partner

Reach out to learn more and discuss opportunities.
Contact Corporate Development Senior Associate Kristi Terrasa at or +1-434-548-0748.

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