Watch: DOE’s Water Power Technologies Office Video on How C-Power’s SeaRAY Can Power Offshore Work

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Water Power Technologies Office (WPTO), which has partnered with C-Power to advance the SeaRAY autonomous offshore power system and demonstrate its capabilities, has published a new article and video detailing the potential for the SeaRAY to power the transformation of offshore work.

The small, portable device makes clean energy from the motion of the ocean’s waves and collects and sends data, like an oceanic cell tower. Although many previous marine energy systems only produced small amounts of power, the SeaRAY AOPS can generate between 100 watts and 20 kilowatts—enough energy to power anything from a seafloor data-gathering system to a medium-sized subsea vehicle or surface vessel.


Read the full story from the WPTO and watch the video below.