C-Power Wins Federal Research Award to Improve Design of Ocean Energy Systems for More Uses

C-Power has been selected by the U.S. Testing Expertise and Access to Marine Energy Research (TEAMER) program for funding in support of modeling and design improvements. The project, one of 10 awarded through TEAMER’s latest Request for Technical Support, will improve the ability of C-Power’s SeaRAY autonomous offshore power system (AOPS) to serve anytime, anywhere, and anything.  

A SeaRAY AOPS provides in-situ power, energy storage, and real-time data and communications support needed to advance the marine economy toward a future of autonomous, connected and resident technologies. The systems are designed to support unmanned offshore activities, including data-gathering equipment, robotic systems, operating equipment, and uncrewed surface vessels. 

The award will fund computer modeling conducted in partnership with Cardinal Engineering of Annapolis, Maryland. Together, C-Power and Cardinal will explore and model novel approaches to packaging the SeaRAY AOPS for offshore deployment. Cardinal is a long-time design and modeling partner of C-Power. 

The project will reduce manufacturing and deployment costs and expand opportunities for SeaRAY deployment by increasing the system’s tolerance for rougher sea conditions safely. The increased tolerance will be pursued through improvements to the integration of the system’s structures and reduction of their mass. 

About C-Power 

By harnessing the immense power of ocean waves, C-Power delivers groundbreaking technologies that accelerate decarbonization at sea and on land. Its kilowatt-scale products change the ocean from a power desert into a power- and data-enriched environment, reducing operational costs, carbon, and complexity for offshore, island, and coastal applications. The systems are easy to transport and deployable anywhere in the world, unlocking innovation in critical industries such as offshore energy, defense and security, aquaculture, science and research, and communications. C-Power’s megawatt-scale products power the next wave of zero-carbon energy for terrestrial electric grids and remote minigrids.  

With headquarters in Charlottesville, Virginia, product development based in Corvallis, Oregon, and a U.K.-based subsidiary, C-Power’s global team brings more than 150 years of successful management, operating and engineering experience from the renewable energy sector, early stage prototyping and testing, and Fortune 500 companies. Connect with C-Power on LinkedIn. 

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