C-Power Featured in Upstream’s Coverage of OTC 2021 Advances in Robotics Session

C-Power CEO Reenst Lesemann presented at the 2021 Offshore Technology Conference’s Advances in Robotics technical session August 18, leading to coverage by reporter Jennifer Presley of oil and gas exploration and production-focused publication Upstream.

Presley’s story zeroed in on the challenges faced by the offshore energy industry as it attempts to unleash a wave of new innovations that would reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions. It also explored how C-Power is working to provide the solution.

“The problem is always getting power in and data out,” Lesemann told attendees. “The ocean is a power desert,” he said, adding that performing operations in the ocean is “expensive because both power and people always have to be brought on site.”

Combatting this is the “constant unrelenting effort to reduce costs and increase safety, with decarbonisation now also starting to take centre stage.”

That decarbonised future presents several issues when it comes to offshore operations, namely identifying where the power will come from when carbon-based fuel sources are no longer in favour offshore, he said.

C-Power developed an alternative power source with its [SeaRAY] autonomous offshore power system (AOPS) that provides in situ power, energy storage and real-time data and communications support for systems like resident drones and sensor packages by converting energy from ocean waves.

“What the system can do is help break the dependency on the topside vessel, or from having to run a new umbilical, or from not being able to do what you want to do offshore with unmanned static or mobile assets. The AOPS helps to solve the power in, data out problem,” said Lesemann.

Read the full story on Upstream.

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