Harness the Power
of the Ocean

Powerful, Energy Dense, the Best Battery on Earth

The ocean is our most underutilized energy resource.

C-Power delivers this renewable energy resource to the world, both through low-power solutions that bring energy and the cloud to the sea and large-scale solutions that help decarbonize terrestrial grids.
Data-Gathering Equipment

Our products supply persistent power for robust data collection and real-time transmission to the cloud.

Robotic Systems

Unlock the potential of AUVs and ROVs with reliable power and bidirectional, real-time comms and data.

Operating Equipment

We reduce cost, complexity, and emissions and increase safety for a variety of offshore operations.

Uncrewed Surface Vessels

USVs and electric ships are coming, but an obstacle to optimized performance is recharging at sea. We have your charging solution.

Electric Grids

Ocean energy farms are the wave of the future. We’re developing utility-scale solutions to power grids and minigrids.

Superior Technology

Backed by Leading Partners

C-Power’s proprietary technology efficiently converts energy from ocean waves to generate significantly more energy than competing technologies. Our products offer an unmatched value proposition.

Customer/Partner Traction
High System Power-to-Weight
Easy, Low Cost to Transport
Deployable Anywhere

The U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Navy are longtime partners, investing significant resources into C-Power because of our unmatched capabilities. Saab calls our systems the “missing piece of the puzzle.”

Let Us Help You

Lead the Future of the Ocean Economy

Find out how C-Power can be the missing piece of the puzzle to help you unlock a better way to do business in the ocean.

Latest News

Ocean Energy: 2 Questions to Ask Developers to Ensure You Choose the Right Solution

What is most important to make an ocean energy system desirable to customers who need to use them to power their offshore activities? It boils down to answers to two key questions.

Nord Stream, Geopolitical Tensions, and the Need for Power to Protect Remote Offshore Assets

C-Power ocean energy systems can be co-located with offshore assets, delivering power and data to the autonomous technologies needed for 24/7 security.

Marine Technology Features C-Power on Efforts to Power Up the ‘Blue Desert’

Marine Technology News published a feature on the future of energy at sea and how new technologies overcome the challenge of the “blue desert.”

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