Ocean Waves: The Future of Clean, Renewable Energy

Columbia Power Technologies, Inc. (C·Power) delivers the products the marine economy needs to change the ocean from a power desert into a power- and data-enriched environment.

As a worldwide leader in wave energy systems, C·Power is developing solutions that deliver reliable, cost-effective energy generation and storage that unlock innovation in critical industries such as offshore energy, defense and security, aquaculture, science and research, and communications. C·Power’s systems are easy to transport and deployable anywhere in the world for a wide range of applications, which reduce the cost of marine operations, energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.


Our system is designed for a long service life and to operate offshore in the widest range of sea conditions without shutting down in heavy seas or storms.

Cost Effective

Our approach to delivering a lower cost for our customers includes innovative design solutions that consider operational and logistical lifecycle costs and requirements.

Low Impact

We are committed to commercializing a system with the lowest stakeholder and environmental impact possible. New advances — like our reduced-impact mooring system — demonstrate this commitment.

Our Major Design, Consulting and Manufacturing Suppliers, and Partners

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